How can I listen to podcasts on SONOS? 

You can play streamed podcasts using a Sonos music library, AirPlay, direct control, the Sonos app, or streaming podcasts to Sonos.

Utilize Apple AirPlay or direct control to listen to podcasts.

Using AirPlay on a compatible iOS or macOS device or a provider that supports direct control is the simplest way to stream podcasts to Sonos.


If you own a compatible iOS or macOS device, you can use AirPlay to directly stream any audio from that device to Sonos, such as audio from your podcast app.

Direct control

Direct control is supported by services such as Spotify and iHeartRadio. For example, you can use direct control to play a podcast within the service’s app and then cast the audio to Sonos. A selection of services that enable direct control can be found in our article on the subject.

Using the Sonos app, you can listen to podcasts.

Some services allow you to navigate, search, and enjoy podcasts directly from the Sonos app. However, not all podcast services will have their podcast collections available for browsing or searching in the Sonos app. If the podcast you’re looking for isn’t available in the Sonos app, we suggest using direct control or AirPlay.

Stream podcasts from your Android device to Sonos Podcasts.

Install the podcasts to the Android device’s Podcasts folder. Podcasts must be stored in the Podcasts file on your Android controller to appear in the Sonos app under On This Device. The podcasts file should be in your Android device’s root directory. If you have podcasts in your Music file, they will be mentioned under Music rather than Podcasts. 

Podcasts that are saved on a computer

You can play podcasts on Sonos by having to add them to a Sonos Music Library if you have them downloaded to a macOS or Windows computer.

How do I use the Sonos app to listen to Audible?

You can directly add the Audible service to the Sonos app, allowing you to use just one app to access your preferred services.

Use these steps to add Audible to your Sonos app:

  1. Launch the Sonos app.
  2. Select More at the bottom of the main screen.
  3. the Add Music Services button
  4. Locate and tap the Audible service.
  5. Enhance Sonos
  6. To authorize Audible with the Sonos app after adding it, you must log into your Audible account. Implement the on-screen instructions to sign in.
  7. You will see a “Success” screen indicating that you have successfully set up your Audible login and are prepared to return to your Sonos app to start listening once you have authorized your Audible account. Give your account and Audible marketplace a name, and the app will automatically sync your library.

How do you stream your favorite podcasts on Sonos?

Select your preferred services.

The accessibility of podcasts will differ by service. Therefore, the first step is to select one, or possibly all, of the services available and configure them on your system. 

Discovering new shows

It is as simple as searching for them. The app’s search box lets you initiate a content lookup across all the services you’ve introduced to your system. 

Adding them to the favorites.

As opposed to simply opening your preferred podcast app and beginning to listen, utilizing Sonos Controller is somewhat different.

Play podcasts from Spotify on Sonos.

For iOS or Android devices:

  • Launch the Sonos app.
  • Select Services & Voice from the Settings tab.
  • Choose to Add a Service under Music & Content.
  • Select Spotify, followed by Add to Sonos.
  • To add Spotify to Sonos, follow the on-screen instructions.

For mac or PC

  • Open the Sonos app.
  • Choose the Music Source section, and click on Add Music Services.
  • Click on Spotify.
  • Go on with the on-screen instructions to add Spotify to Sonos.
How to listen to podcast on Sonos?

How do you use AirPlay to add Apple Podcasts to the Sonos speaker?

  • You can use AirPlay to add Apple Podcasts to your Sonos speaker from your iPhone.
  • To play a podcast through Sonos speakers, you must launch the podcast on your iPhone, tap the AirPlay icon at the bottom of the screen, and choose your Sonos speakers.
  • You can also subscribe to podcasts using other streaming services like TuneIn, Pocket Casts, or Stitcher if you’d like.

It’s simple to play podcasts on Sonos using the Apple Podcasts app if you have a Sonos speaker that supports AirPlay, which almost all Sonos speakers do nowadays.

You can use any well-known podcast app on your iPhone with the same method to play podcasts on Sonos.

How Do I Listen to Podcasts on Sonos on My iPhone or iPad?

The user can follow the following steps to play podcasts on Sonos on iPhone or iPhone:

  • On your iPad or iPhone, launch the Podcasts app.
  • Find the podcast you would like to listen to.
  • To listen to the podcast, tap it.
  • Start your iPhone or iPad’s Control Center.
  • Toggle AirPlay on.
  • Select a Sonos speaker by tapping it.
How to listen to podcast on Sonos?

General FAQs

Q.How do I use Sonos to listen to podcasts?

Launch the Sonos iOS or Android app. Select the Search option. At the top, select the Podcasts & Shows filter. Look for a podcast.

Q. Does Sonos support podcasts?

Direct control, AirPlay, the Sonos app, or playing downloaded podcasts from a Sonos music library are all methods for streaming podcasts to Sonos.

Q. Can my iPhone library be played on Sonos?

You can use Bluetooth to connect your iOS device to a Sonos Move or Roam to play your downloaded content.

Q. Can I use Sonos to listen to Apple Podcasts?

Using AirPlay, users can add Apple Podcasts to their Sonos speakers from their iPhones. Start a podcast on your iPhone, tap the AirPlay icon at the bottom of the screen, and choose the Sonos speakers to play it.

What podcast app works with Sonos? 

This is known as direct control. If the app supports direct control, you’ll see a button or icon that allows you to enjoy content from that app through yet another device, such as a Sonos speaker.

Services that enable Sonos direct control:

  1. Spotify
  2. Audible
  3. Amazon Music(To stream to Sonos products with voice functionality, the Sonos expertise should be enabled in the Alexa app.)
  4. iHeartRadio
  5. Pandora
  7. TIDAL

How do I play Amazon podcasts on Sonos? 

For Android or iOS devices

1. Download and configure the Sonos app for Android/iOS devices.

2. Navigate to Settings >> Voice & Service >> Music & Content >> Add a Service.

3. Find Amazon Music by scrolling down.

4. Select Add to Sonos and permit the Amazon Music login you’re using to stream songs.

5. After adding Amazon Music to Sonos, use AirPlay on iPhone and the Casting function on Android to broadcast Amazon Music on Sonos.

For Windows and Mac computers.

1. Launch the Sonos application on Windows/Mac.

2. On the computer, select a music source >> Add Music Services to add Amazon Music to Sonos.

3. Select a song and album directly, then confirm casting through a Sonos speaker.

Can I listen to Spotify podcasts on Sonos? 

Direct control is supported by services such as Spotify and iHeartRadio. For example, you can use direct control to play a podcast within the service’s app and then cast the audio to Sonos. It is also mentioned above how users can play podcasts on Spotify. 

How do I link Amazon music to Sonos?

You must first download the Sonos app to your phone, tablet, or computer to use Amazon Music with Sonos. Then kindly adhere to the guidelines below:

Mobile phone and Tablet users:

Step 1: Launch the Sonos app. From the menu, select “Services & Voice.”

Step 2: After selecting “Add a Service,” enter “Music & Content,” then “Amazon Music.”

Step 3 Tap “Add to Sonos” and read the directions to connect Sonos to your Amazon Music account.

Step 4 After successfully connecting the Amazon Music account to the Sonos app, you can now enjoy Amazon Music on Sonos and listen to the music with your family.

For desktop users:

Step 1: First, link your Sonos merchandise to the Sonos app.

Step 2: Keep choosing “Add Music Services” and “Select a Music Source.”

Step 3 Select Amazon Music and follow the on-screen instructions to sign in to your Amazon Music account.

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