How To Create A Podcast From Discord?

Discord is a tool designed for gamers to communicate while playing. Since its 2015 debut, it has been regularly updated with fresh features and functionalities to improve users’ lives.

Thanks to these upgrades, Discord now serves as a platform for more than simply in-game discussion. Podcasters have already noted it. After all, the program’s whole user interface is based on audio quality. In addition, Discord transformed into a tool for podcast recording thanks to the ability to add bots to conversations. All you have to do is build a bot to record the conversation.

The best part is that you don’t have to install Discord on your computer. Instead, direct browser access is available for all functionalities.

How to create a podcast channel on Discord

To utilize your recordings, you must first build a server. To choose

“Create mine,” click on the “+” symbol in the bottom left corner.

It would be best to decide whether you want to create a group, community, or closed server for you and your friends in the next window.

After that is complete, you must decide on the server’s name and, if you’d like, upload a photo to help it stand out from the rest. Your podcast’s server will now show up in the tab on the right side of the screen.

Tips For Using Discord As A Podcaster

Every Discord is different. Podcasters are free to customize how their show is put up on Discord. If your community wishes to feel secure, you can decide to make your Discord server invite-only. Or you can allow anybody to participate without screening. 

Even better, you can record your podcast directly from Discord without the hassle of syncing multiple audio recordings or requiring all of your hosts to be in the same recording studio. In addition, you can set up your podcast however you’d like with Discord’s Stage channels.

You can post recent information relevant to your podcast’s subject on a news channel. Likewise, a podcast that features guests on each episode may announce who will be the next.

Some podcasters record their episodes straight into Discord, where listeners can interact with them in real time. Some people would instead register it first, then include a link to the show notes in Discord. Either way can be successful.

Discord is a profoundly social phenomenon. People join Discord because they are substantial podcast fans or because some friends are in it. You must try to stop by Discord and introduce yourself or engage in conversation if you want the best outcomes. People appreciate it when the podcast’s host appears and is available for chat.

Connecting with other Discords that discuss similar topics to your show is a tremendous additional Discord use.

How to Record Discord Audio: Easy Ways

There are two methods for recording Discord audio. A Craig bot can be used as one method and screen recording programs like OBS and Vmaker as another. Regardless of the approach you take, the instructions below will walk you through every step of the exact process of recording Discord audios.

Utilizing the Craig Chatbot has many benefits. One is that it records each user as a separate audio track, making it much simpler to edit and remove specific people from the recording.

It’s more complicated than it seems to record Discord audio on a smartphone. Smartphone screen recorders now only capture internal audio. The microphone also can’t record.

Use the Craig Discord bot if you run your Discord server. It will record Discord audio on an iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, or Linux device. Craig is available wherever Discord can be installed. On your servers, Craig will record Discord audio.

Here are some easy ways to record Discord audio 

  • Go to Craig. Chat in your web browser while logged in to Discord. Click the button to invite Craig to your Discord server.
  • You can add the Craig bot to any server you like. Please note that Craig cannot read or send messages on your behalf.
  • Choose Authorize.
  • Make sure you’re a sentient meat sac and not a robot by doing this. You will see the Authorized notice once it has been approved.
  • Enter one of your text chat channels on Discord again. When you want to record a voice channel, enter the following command: Craig, join Lounge, where Lounge is the channel’s name. To let you know it’s recording and provide you with other information, Craig will pop up a message on Discord.
  • Access your voice channel now. Note that Craig is already present, and it clearly states RECORDING in big letters. It will be visible to everyone on your voice channel. No secret tapes exist. It is choosing a Join Voice.
  • Enter the emoji command:Craig: in a text or chat channel to stop Craig from recording your Discord audio. Leave.
  • You’ll see that Craig has entered your direct messaging. 
  • Craig will provide links for downloading or erasing the recording. Choose the one you desire.
  • You will be prompted to confirm your desire to click the link. Note that it displays the complete URL that it will employ. Additionally, remember that by selecting Trust this Domain, subsequent Craig links will launch automatically. Choose Confirm.

It will start your web browser. You have a few different ways to download your Discord recording. Each participant will have their track in a multi-track. That may be useful for removing bothersome people or focusing only on the desired music. With single-track, everyone follows the same path, which results in smaller file sizes. Click the desired audio format and track type to download the recorded Discord audio session.

General FAQs 

  • How can you record a voice clip on Discord?
  1. voice messages using DM
  2. Visit Discord’s Friends / Direct Messaging section.
  3. Press and hold the record button.
  4. Once you’ve start your recording, the file is automatically sent as a voice message.
  • Should I create a Discord server for my Podcast?

The community surrounding your show can grow and be strengthened with the help of Discord. Without worrying about explaining your podcast in detail to potential new listeners, it can be a fun place to engage with your audience and share show updates.

  • What age range is ideal for Discord?

Due to its open discussion, Common Sense Media advises that Discord members be at least 13 years old. Additionally, because everything is user-generated, there is a lot of potential for offensive material, including profanity, graphic language, and images.

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