How to fix Spotify podcasts that are not playing or working?

Spotify is a music streaming platform that enables music buffs to watch videos, listen to podcasts, and listen to music created by artists worldwide. All music, podcasts, and other content are accessible to users without charge. However, downloading requires a Spotify premium subscription.

But are you one of the users of Spotify who is having trouble getting the app to play or function properly on their phone or desktop? Numerous users have recently reported this issue; thus, in this article, we offer solutions you can try to address the problem of the Spotify podcast freezing and not playing.

Why Aren’t the Spotify Podcasts Playing?

Due to a poor internet connection or a lack of regional availability, Spotify podcasts are not playing. Users of Spotify can access podcasts in the form of episodes or series. However, a common issue for Spotify customers is that their podcasts must play on Spotify. 

Reasons why your Spotify isn’t working : 

• Podcasts on Spotify are not available in your area. 

• You might not have a strong internet connection. 

• The Spotify app can include a bug or a problem. 

• Spotify might not be accessible in your location or region. 

• It’s possible that your Spotify is not updated.  

• The latest Spotify app might not be compatible with your device. 

• Your uncleared Cache can cause this issue.

However, this article has a solution to get rid of this issue. The steps listed below can help you fix Spotify Podcast not working in 2022 on your devices:-

  • Check your network 

You might need a better internet connection to listen to Spotify podcasts. But first, verify whether or not your network connection is functioning correctly.

  • Wait for Spotify to correct the issue.

You can wait till Spotify fixes any bugs if there are occasionally bugs with the service.

  • Reach out to Spotify Support.

You can contact Spotify customer service if you’re still having trouble listening to the podcast.

  • Delete Cache from the Spotify App

Your Spotify app should be cached and temporarily data-free. Sometimes these errors are caused by this uncleared Cache.

How to fix Spotify podcasts that are not playing or working?

Here are the Simple Fix Steps To Spotify Not Showing Podcasts in the library

Do you need access to your preferred Podcasts on Spotify in the library? As you are all aware, Spotify primarily relies on podcasts to function. Yet, many users have expressed frustration with Spotify’s failure to display podcasts in the library. In addition, others criticized Spotify for its podcasts not appearing in the community.

Therefore, we have put together a list of simple fixes for Spotify Not Showing Podcasts on IOS, android or desktop for you.

  • Check for blocklisted servers with DNS.

Users of ad-blocking software may cause the problem with Spotify Podcast not working. It is primarily for people who use DNS-based ones. Due to the block list of an Adblocker like Megaphone, none of the podcasts were functional. The problem should resolve if you safelist the server.

  • Reinstall after uninstalling

Rebooting your phone/PC and removing the Spotify app are quick fixes for podcast issues. First, reinstall the app and log into your account after turning on your phone. Then verify that the podcast is functioning appropriately.

  • Look for updates.

You can also attempt to fix the problem by updating the app to the most recent version. First, have your device visit the app store on an iPhone or the play store on an Android to search for the app and see if a newer version is available. Then, update it when you visit a new understanding and test Spotify Podcast.

  • Pause for a while

The Spotify Podcast feature may not function properly or stop playing due to a server problem or a software malfunction. Therefore, when such things occur, the support crew rapidly fixes them. So wait a little while and check to see if the feature is functioning as intended.

  • Sign in and out of Spotify

Sometimes Spotify podcasts not playing will resolve by logging out and back in. After a few minutes, you can log back into your Spotify account and see if the problem has been fixed. Of course, you can also log out of Spotify at any time.

How to fix Spotify podcasts that are not playing or working?

Fixing the issue of Spotify-downloaded podcasts not playing offline is easy.

Have you ruined your day because your downloaded Playlist is not working offline? 

Like this Reddit user, we are sure that you will feel extreme frustration! 

People worldwide adore Spotify because it has a sizable music library and streams platform-exclusive artist material, podcasts, and curated playlists. Nearly everyone you know has a Spotify account. What’s best? Even if there are commercials, everything is free!

Ads are gone, and you may even listen offline by downloading all the music, playlists, or podcasts if you subscribe to Spotify Premium. 

The paid Spotify offline listening feature can fix with the help of the following steps

  • Verify the status of your Spotify Premium subscription.

Offline listening is a feature available only to Spotify Premium subscribers, as we stated in the article’s beginning. Therefore, you can only download or listen to your songs offline if your account’s Spotify Premium status is active.

  • Make sure there is enough storage.

No actual music needs to be kept on your device because you typically stream your music from Spotify’s servers to your listening device. But as you are aware, to listen offline, the songs you want to hear must first be downloaded and stored locally. Thus, before we download any new songs, we need to ensure enough space in the device.

  • Log out of the Spotify app and back in again.

Although it’s a little odd, this is one of the most straightforward solutions we’ve found for the problem. Therefore, it’s best to finish it first.

In essence, merely logging out of your Spotify account and back in again causes some connections to be refreshed, and everything is reset. So if your Spotify offline downloads aren’t playing or working, or if you’re online and the downloads need to start, there might be a fix.

  • Verify Spotify’s Server Health

Your Internet connection might be working correctly. The issue might then be on Spotify’s servers, where the downloads are made. We can only connect to them if they are appropriately linked to the Internet. As a result, you may be unable to download tracks from the Spotify platform. Thankfully, free services enable us to determine its status quickly.

  • More than five devices have downloaded songs.

Most clients are unaware of this Spotify Premium restriction, which limits downloading songs for offline listening on more than five devices under the same account. Therefore, some restrictions may prevent your Spotify offline downloads from working. 

How to fix Spotify podcasts that are not playing or working?

How to fix Spotify Music and Podcasts not loading?

Despite a good internet connection, Spotify Music and Podcasts don’t load or only do so very slowly. Then read on to see solutions if Spotify Music and Podcasts won’t load.

It can be rather unpleasant when an app from the App Store cannot be loaded and updated. 

You wish to update or download Spotify Music and Podcasts, but the app will launch later. Thus it takes a very long time to begin or finish downloading. Many then make frantic attempts to restart the download of Spotify Music and Podcasts, but this also has no positive impact. Here are some practical solutions to deal with this issue: 

Fixes For The Spotify Music and Podcasts loading

  • Check your internet connection.

It is impossible to load Spotify Music and podcasts for different purposes. Your internet connection is typically to blame. Try utilizing your browser to access an online resource if your device is connected to a WiFi network but still has issues. It implies that your tablet or smartphone is not the problem. Your data volume has also been used up and is now slowly becoming available. In this case, you should check the mobile data settings on your smartphone.

  • Restart your tablet or smartphone.

The App Store frequently experiences problems after updating the Android or iOS operating system. For example, after a system update, the connection to the login details for the relevant store may no longer be secure. All features and settings will be reloaded as a result, and if necessary, connections to the App Store will be re-established. 

  • The status of the server.

Spotify Music and Podcasts may not be loading at all or slowly after restarting your computer and connecting to the Internet; this indicates that the issue may be with the servers hosting the iTunes Store for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android. However, Spotify Ltd.’s servers shouldn’t be to blame because the app is hosted on the servers of the App Store, which occasionally experience overload or malfunction due to maintenance.

The following methods should allow you to load Spotify Music and Podcasts and ensure that the download process doesn’t take an eternity. 


1. Why are my podcasts not playing on Spotify?

Too much cache data or a sluggish internet connection may prevent you from viewing podcasts on Spotify.

2. Why are Podcasts not working on the Spotify web browser?

You may have turned on your web browser’s ad blocker, which is why the Spotify podcasts aren’t working either. In addition, your web browser’s cache and cookie file could impede progress.

3. Why are podcasts not working on the Spotify web player?

Cookies and Cache may be the cause why the Spotify web player needs to be fixed. However, multiple logins and the wrong playback device set can be another reason. 

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