How to Pitch a Podcast?

We must catch up with the rapid expansion of podcasts, which are now available everywhere. Nowadays, there is a podcast for just about anything, including actual crime, business, personal finance, and fashion.

Many celebrities and regular people are drawn to podcasting because it is a suitable medium. Over 80 million people currently listen to podcasts. Therefore being a guest on one can increase one’s fame more than being a guest on any other traditional media. 

You probably already know all the advantages of appearing as a guest on a well-known show if you’re interested in pitching a podcast. 

So, if you need expert guidance on creating a winning pitch, we’re here with some tried-and-true suggestions. We understand your impatience. Let’s go right to the point.

What Is a Podcast Pitch?

The podcast is the general definition of pitching a podcast. An email pitch for a podcast is often a brief introduction made to the podcast presenter. This email outlines the sender’s qualifications on a personal and professional level and why they would be an excellent guest on the show.

Therefore, a podcast pitch is a perfect approach to be noticed if you think you would make a terrific guest on someone’s interview podcast, but there is little likelihood that they know you and would get in touch with you directly. You can fully utilize the potential of podcasts if you know how to pitch a podcast effectively.

Simple Guide To Pitch Yourself as a Guest on a Podcast

You need to have the following in order to introduce yourself as a guest on a podcast:

● The email address of the host

Knowledge about the podcast’s listeners

●Knowledge of the primary goals of the podcast

●Names of former visitors

●Subjects previously covered

And lastly, a sample for you to base your guest pitch on.

Obtaining the Email Address of the Host

Finding a podcast host’s email address or the show’s general email address is typically relatively easy.

Frequently, DJs provide listeners with their contact information, including email and social media accounts. Additionally, you might search the podcast’s website or the host’s social media accounts.

Sliding into DMs is also effective.

The Listeners of the Podcast

Your pitch for this program is mostly motivated by the similarity in viewership. (At the very least, it should be one of your primary motives.)

That implies that you have a solid grasp of what their audience finds compelling. Please don’t be hesitant to bring it up in your pitch. The hosts want to know that you are interested in them enough to investigate them. You’re not just pitching guest appearances to any podcast you come across.

● The Podcast’s Primary Goals

The audience and the show’s primary goals are intertwined; what is the show’s purpose?

You should be aware of the objectives and target audience for the podcast. For example, is it intended to educate healthcare professionals about recent developments in the market? Is it designed to encourage and assist independent writers?

Make sure you are aware of the objectives and concept of the podcast.

● Former guests

After listening to a few episodes, you ought to be familiar with a few of the previous guests. In your pitch, mentioning a few former visitors by name is helpful. In addition, it demonstrates your interest in the podcast.

● Older Topics

The presenter can tell if you have listened to the show if you mention previous episodes’ subjects in your pitch.

If you are aware of the issues that have already been discussed on the podcast, you may better inform your message. In addition, you may be certain that your viewpoint differs from those discussed on the program.

● Guest Pitch Template for Podcasts (From the Guest)

With all the podcast-related data you’ve gathered, you should be able to complete the proposal form below.

Your pitch should be as brief as you manage while outlining the benefits you can provide the target audience.

Want to improve on that? As a script for a video or audio message, use the template. It allows the host to assess your on-camera and on-mic appearance immediately. You can directly demonstrate to them your suitability for the job.

How to Pitch a Podcast?

 Podcast Pitch Examples 

Here is an example of a podcast pitch if you need some ideas. However, if you’re interested in more conventional PR pitches, check out the fantastic example and these ready-to-use draft templates.

Subject line: I am an avid viewer of [show name].

Hello [Name]

I just finished listening to [program name of the episode ]’s with [guest name] about [primary topic]. The sentences on [central point] and [main point] struck me as very perceptive.

After listening to your program and understanding your audience, I may be helpful as a guest. I’m an expert in [your expertise] and have a distinctive viewpoint on [your remarkable POV].

You may [hear, see, or watch] I discuss it here. [Hyperlink to the article, video, interview, etc.]

In addition, I’ve [attached linked to] some further details about how your listeners will profit from my appearance on the program. [Insert a link or attachment to your media kit]

What do you say?

[Your Signature]

General FAQs

  1. How do I pitch a podcast to Spotify?

Adding your podcast to the top podcast directories is crucial for expanding your listenership. When you’re ready to launch your show, it’s important to know how to start a podcast on Spotify because you can position yourself for success by submitting your performance to the major players first.

Steps to pitch a podcast on Spotify 

●Check to see whether your podcast meets Spotify’s standards.

●Make a Spotify profile.

●Accept the rules and regulations.

●Type the URL for your RSS feed.

●Make sure the podcast is yours.

●Add information about your podcast here.

●After reviewing it, submit your podcast.

2. How do you pitch a podcast host?

1. Create a concise message.

2. Know your target audience.

3. Boost your capacity for thought leadership.

4. List the programs you want to pitch.

5. As you pitch shows, pay attention to them.

6. Engage the host in social media conversation.

7. Establish a media kit.

8. Perfect the pitch.

3. How do you pitch someone as a podcast guest?

Start by discussing the broad subject you mentioned in the email’s subject line. Next, describe what you will offer on this topic in detail. After that, list the topics you want to address in the episode. Finally, you need to demonstrate that there is enough information on this subject to last for an hour (or however long the podcast you are pitching to air episodes) of the show.

4. How do you write a pitch letter for a podcast?

A brief email explaining why someone should invite you to be a guest on their podcast is known as a podcast pitch letter.

Your pitch letter should include the following in each media pitch:

1. The main reason for your email sending

2. Why the target audience should be concerned

3. Why are you the ideal person to discuss this with

4. The steps you want the individual to do after that (like book you as a guest on their podcast)

5. Finish with a brief bio of no more than two sentences that conveys authority or trustworthiness.

For example: 

Hello, [insert name of the podcast host],

I’d be honored to be considered if you’re taking podcast pitches for guests on [Insert podcast show name]. 

[Add anything to show you know who you are pitching; this is not a mass email. Insert a trait or characteristic you share that you enjoy about the podcast.] 

[A maximum of three sentences showing why you are an expert in the topic you pitch should include.]

[To give the podcaster an idea of how the conversation might go, including at least one main topic and three to five bullet points underneath it.]

[To prove to the podcasters that you are trusted and an authority in your Industry, insert past podcast or media experience.]


[Insert your name]

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