How to Record A Podcast on iPhone: Step-by-step guide?

Podcasting on the iPhone is the answer to our prayers.

You can produce a quality podcast on the go for a reasonable price by learning the right approach to recording a podcast on your iPhone. The days of needing to schedule a studio session or transport bulky recording equipment are long gone. Instead, you can maintain quality because iPhones have strong recording capabilities. 

So, where should we begin?

This guide will walk you through every step necessary to record a podcast on your iPhone or iPad quickly. We’ll go over the essential details for high-resolution podcasts.

Complete Guide on recording A Podcast on iPhone: 

One can make and record a podcast on their iPhone in various methods. It is optional to have a fancy studio to record a podcast; anyone may do it using their iPhones.

First, you need to remember two crucial things. First, installing a specific iPhone app will enable users to record podcasts, edit them, and even publish them directly from their phones.

A good microphone is the second piece of equipment necessary to record a podcast of the highest caliber. Therefore, purchasing a microphone is the essential step in producing a podcast.

The main task at hand is to start making the podcast.

1. Download any podcast hosting service or website that hosts podcasts first. However, it can use for much more; eventually, the app will show the user how to record their podcast.

2. To use all the app features after installation, you must register.

3. The record button may be on the home screen or accessed by clicking “account” in the top-right corner of the screen.

4. When the recording page loads, you will see several tools to help you make a quality podcast. For instance, the app already has music loaded to accompany your speech. However, users can also import music from the internet or their gallery.

5. A trim/cut feature that will help remove or adjust everything recorded is available if the user makes a mistake or wishes to change any part of the recording after it has been made.

6. Before releasing, the entire podcast can play after editing.

7. Save it in the “My Drafts” section if you are happy with it. From the saved files, the user can publish them whenever they want.

In addition, several applications offer significantly more sophisticated features that add nuance and improve the podcast’s quality. However, remember that you will need more experience to use these features effectively.

How to record a podcast on iPhone?

How to upload a podcast to Apple Podcasts

Every podcast should include in the directory of Apple Podcasts. However, unlike other services (such as Spotify and Google Podcasts), Apple still requires you to upload your podcast feed manually. Instead, you must go to Podcast Connect and enter the RSS feed for your podcast there.

The steps to upload your podcast to Apple Podcasts are as follows:

  • Create an account on Apple Podcast Connect, the podcasters’ control panel for Apple, and enter your RSS feed there.
  • You’ll need a location to host your audio files and RSS feed, so register for a podcast hosting service.
  • Create a podcast trailer and release at least one episode.
  • Fix frequent RSS errors and check that your podcast is set up correctly.
  • Once logged into Apple Podcast Connect, click the purple “+” icon and choose “New show” to add a new program.
  • You’ll paste your RSS feed URL into Podcast Connect when you copy and paste it.
  • Wait for Apple to process your entry; before you can submit it, Apple Podcasts needs to process your information, which will take 5–10 minutes.
  • Send your podcast to Apple for review; it could take up to 8 days to decide whether to add you to their directory after you click “Submit podcast for review.”
  • Encourage people to subscribe, listen, and leave reviews for your podcast on Apple Podcasts.
How to record a podcast on iPhone?

How Do I Listen to Podcasts on My iPhone?

You can play an episode, listen to it offline, set a sleep timer, and use the playback controls in the Podcasts app.

Put on a podcast.

  • Select a show.

Tap Listen Now, then scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap an episode listed below Recently Played to pick up where you left off in a show or resume playing a prior episode.

Tip: Move the slider beneath the show’s artwork to jump to a certain point in the episode.

  • Set a timer for bed.

Playback can be programmed to end automatically after a certain amount of time with a sleep timer.

To access the Now Playing screen, tap the player at the bottom of the display.

Go to the Library tab to find the podcasts you subscribe to or the ones you manually uploaded using a URL. Next, select Shows and select Followed.

how to make a podcast on Garage band iPhone? 

Startup GarageBand. If this is your first time using it, choose “Empty Project” from the list of available project templates.

Then, a window asks you what kind of audio track you’ll be recording in the following step. Click “Create” after selecting “Microphone” and setting the mic’s input. You will receive one audio track as a result.

You are ready to start recording if you are only using one microphone. But let’s say you need to record with more than one microphone simultaneously (let’s say you’re the podcast host and you have a co-host or a guest).

In that situation, you’ll need to create numerous tracks and choose the appropriate input for each. Each way should be for a different external microphone that you’re using.

The project window will immediately dismiss when everything is prepared, and the workspace’s home page will appear. Be careful to disable the metronome and count-in features at the top before beginning to record podcasts.

How to record a podcast on iPhone?

General FAQs 

1. Is there a podcast app on iPhone? 

On the App Store, you can find Apple Podcasts. However, only the Software Store on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch offers this app.

3. can you create a podcast playlist on iPhone? 

Create a playlist for your episodes based on topics like news, humor, or morning commute podcasts (much like a music playlist). Your playlist automatically updates with new episodes from the podcasts you regularly select at the very top right. Select New Station and then enter a title.

3. Does iPhone have a podcast app? 

There are so many beautiful choices for listening to podcasts on iOS. Every iOS device has the built-in Apple Podcasts app with synchronization. Unquestionably, it’s a fantastic app. However, users of iOS have a plethora of third-party options.

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