How To Share a Podcast on Instagram?

In terms of publicity, Instagram has been in the hall of fame. You can be a well-known person to express yourself there. The use of podcasts now aids the communication of messages by numerous groups of people. 

Want to reach a wider audience by sharing a podcast on Instagram? These three techniques will enable you to share a podcast on Instagram.

Method 1: Sharing via the App to Instagram Stories 

This technique allows people who use third-party programs like Spotify, Filter or Songkick to listen to audio podcasts. If you want to share a podcast on Instagram, follow these steps.

  • Activate the Podcast App.
  • You can share a podcast on Instagram by playing it.
  • Select “Share.”
  • Open the Instagram Story option.
  • For the podcast cover, you can doodle, add GIFs, resize, and select a background.
  • You can share Your Story.

Method #2: Posting the podcast on social media

If the podcast app does not offer a sharing option on Instagram, you can still use this technique. 

What you must do is as follows!

  • Navigate to App> Podcast.
  • Take a screen capture.
  • Go to Instagram and click the “+” button there.
  • Post the screenshot online.
  • Add an appropriate caption that describes “What’s happening” in the podcast.
  • You can also include a link to the podcast in the caption.

It is how you can post a link to the podcast on Instagram. 

Method #3: Upload the Podcast Snippet

The ideal strategy is to follow this if you want to post video podcasts on Instagram.

  • Download the podcast or screen-record it.
  • It would be best if you cropped the area you want to post.
  • Select “Share” Publish Link.
  • Add the link in your bio.
  • Share the snippet on Instagram by going there.
  • Insert a caption or link in bio

You can share videos longer than 60 seconds on Instagram thanks to the “IGTV” feature that was recently introduced.

How To Share a Podcast on Instagram?

Tips for Growing Your Podcast With Instagram

Recording your episodes is just one piece of the podcast growth equation. Consider how you may advertise yourself elsewhere; there are many social media sites where you can do that.

If you’re ready to give the platform a shot, you might discover a lot of value in it. This article will go through how to use Instagram to promote your podcast.

1.Links to Your Podcast Episodes

The simplest and most straightforward advice for promoting a podcast on Instagram is to always include a link to your program’s website in your profile. This recommendation is valid for any marketers who want to advertise their goods or services, not simply podcasters.

2. Upload Reels of your podcast episodes’ snippets

You can utilize Reels to share clips from your episodes when using Instagram to promote your podcast. The best approach to accomplish this is to record your speech, after which all you need to do is export the video from your camera.

3. Share Important Updates 

Instagram can use it to announce when a notable guest will appear on your podcast. You can also let your followers know when you appear on another show. Use all of Instagram’s tools, including Stories, Reels, and regular posting, when sharing significant updates. The news will spread more quickly as a result. 

4. Snap pictures of yourself with new acquaintances.

Your audience will want to put names on all the faces as your show grows, and doing this will help you forge a stronger bond with them.

Remember to tag them when you post photos of yourself on Instagram with people you meet for your podcast episodes. Whether they are a lesser creator or someone with millions of followers, both will help you spread the word about yourself.

How To Share a Podcast on Instagram?

5. Take Audience Members Behind-the-Scenes

Although many people are primarily interested in podcasts and YouTube channels for their content, many also want to learn how these platforms are made. Therefore, an excellent way to connect with your podcast audience is to show them the process behind the scenes. 

6. Highlight Your Successes

When you accomplish a significant goal, take the chance to express your appreciation to your audience for their support throughout the process. In addition, you can utilize Instagram to let your listeners know what they can anticipate from you moving forward while discussing your podcasting successes.

7. Add Further Information

One way to inform your listeners is through your podcast show. If you want to expand your podcast on Instagram, sharing engaging content is a great idea. 

8. Keep a podcasting journal.

Documenting your journey when you start any creative endeavor is excellent for gaining followers. In addition, talking about what you’re doing and sharing your problems will make you more relatable because people like to see small initiatives grow into something significant.

Whether it’s about the number of your followers, the caliber of your content, or the accomplishments you’ve achieved, you can use your Instagram page to share your success.

How To Share a Podcast on Instagram?

Why are podcasters promoting their Podcast with Instagram stories?

Instagram has become a popular platform for podcasters to publicize their shows. If you already practice it, you are unquestionably doing the right thing. But Instagram is the best platform to promote and expand your podcast if you haven’t already or want to increase your visibility. 

However, Instagram is the best platform for growing your community and sharing your message. Because Instagram is a visual mobile platform with the same audience as podcasters, it can be a powerful tool for promoting your podcasts. In addition, Instagram is the best platform for broadcasting such content because most podcasts are listened to on mobile devices.

General FAQs 

  • 1. How to share apple podcast on Instagram story

To share a podcast on Instagram, follow these instructions.

  • Start the Podcast App.
  • Play the podcast that you want on Instagram.
  • Click Share.
  • Choosing Instagram Story.
  • You can customize the podcast cover with doodling, GIFs, resizing, and background color.
  • Then send it to Your Story.
  • 2. How to share apple podcast on IG story

When you tap the “Share video” button, the Instagram option will appear and be available for selection. You will be prompted to consent to access your camera roll. Choose the Instagram format you want to use after finishing. Your podcast episode can be posted on your newsfeed or added to your Instagram Stories.

  • 3. How to share Spotify podcast on the Instagram story with audio

Of course, you’ll need to install Spotify and Instagram on your phone before anything else.

A.Search for your podcast or the podcast you wish to share on Spotify.

B.Press the sharing icon.

C.Click on Instagram Stories.

D.You will direct to the Instagram Stories page.

Here, you can adjust the artwork’s size and position, @mentioned and embellished with GIFs, hashtags, drawings, and other elements.

Kindly send it in a DM or add it to your story.

  • 4. How to share iTunes podcast on Instagram story

Open the iTunes podcast in the Instagram app and select “share” from the menu. You can add your episode to your story using the camera tool after choosing a sharing option. In addition, stickers and custom text can add to your account to give it a GIF look.

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