How To Start A Cartoon Podcast?

Cartoon podcasts are always fun. The best way to describe them is as an audio version of a cartoon show that you can listen to on your commute, before bed or when you’re waiting for something else to happen.

Many podcasts do this, but most people prefer The Adventure Zone, a hilarious fantasy adventure series starring a dad and his two sons.

The show centres on three characters named Taako (a wizard), Magnus (a dwarf) and Merle (a human). Together they play the part of a family questing for “the greatest treasure ever.” It’s funny, clever and full of unexpected twists and turns — just like any excellent cartoon show should be.

If you need help with this, check out our guide on how to start a podcast and get started. Once you’ve got your idea, it’s time to get some equipment. The essential equipment is a microphone (or two). We recommend picking up a USB microphone, which can be plugged into your computer or smartphone. We recommend using a USB condenser microphone if you want something more professional-looking. It will cost more but will sound better and last longer than the average USB mic. 

You’ll also need some recording software (we recommend Audacity), which you can use to record your voice and any sound effects or music you might want on your show. We also suggest getting an external hard drive if you don’t already have one handy at home (a large enough one should be fine). People recommend getting at least 16GB of storage space on there, so you have plenty of room for your episodes!

How to start a cartoon Podcast?

What Are Cartoon Podcasts? 

Cartoon podcasts are podcasts that feature content based on the art of animation. It is a subgenre of podcasting that focuses on animated cartoons’ history and culture, including how they were made and what makes them so entertaining.

The topics these shows cover vary widely depending on the host and the host’s interests, but most cartoon podcasters focus on one topic. Some hosts focus on cartoon history, while others focus more specifically on one specific character or style of cartoon show (for example, “Adventure Time”). Others still focus more broadly on all things related to cartoons; these hosts often include guests with something unique or exciting to share about their favourite comics. 

Cartoon podcasts are the latest trend in the world of audio. Comedians and other entertainers create them to share jokes, stories and other humorous content with their fans. These podcasts often feature popular cartoon characters from television shows, movies or video games.

The popularity of these podcasts has grown over the past few years as more people are turning to them to listen to funny stories and other lighthearted content. The genre has spawned several online networks that specialise in delivering these shows to listeners worldwide.

The concept behind Cartoon Podcasts is simple: You listen to one episode after another until you’ve listened through the entire series and then rated each episode. After rating each episode, you get your score posted back onto your profile page, where other users can view it and see if they would like to listen to more episodes. 

How to start a cartoon Podcast?

Best Animation Podcasts 

The best animation podcasts are the ones that provide a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making an animated film. They’ll give you a glimpse into the creative process and help you learn more about how to create your animation.

The best animation podcasts make listening easy while you’re in the middle of other things, like cooking or working out. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite animation podcasts.

  •  Cartoon Hangover

Cartoon Hangover is a podcast dedicated to animation, including the latest news and updates on the industry. Hosts Matthew Chapman and Dave Trumbore are two-time Emmy award winners who have worked on shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and Gravity Falls. They chat with fellow animators and creators about their careers, what they’re working on now, and their favourite cartoons from the past!

  • Pop Culture Happy Hour (PCHH)

PCHH is one of my favourite podcasts because it’s consistently funny and informative. The hosts — comedian Scott Aukerman (Comedy Bang! Bang!) and fellow comedian Kulap Vilaysack (Who Charted?), along with guest panellists like Kumail Nanjiani (The Meltdown with Jonah & Kumail), Wyatt Cenac (The Daily Show), and more — discuss everything from TV shows to movies to music in an easygoing manner that makes me laugh out loud every time I listen.

Animation Podcasts Which Are No Longer Running 

The animation podcast scene has changed a lot since the beginning of this new millennium. There are so many different shows and so much variety that it can take a lot of work to track them all. If you’re looking for something new, here are some of the all-time favourite animation podcasts that are no longer: 

  • 7th Birthday
  • Animation World Network
  • Anime Music Network
  • Animated After-Hour Show
  • Life radio show

The Animation Podcast Network (TAPN) was an excellent resource for animation fans and students. It featured interviews with animators, industry professionals, and even celebrities. Many people could find work through the network, but unfortunately, they were forced to shut down in October 2018 due to a lack of funding from their parent company (Cartoon Hangover).

Animation Podcast Network’s “Animation Alley” was one of their most popular features. It featured various animations from around the world, including those featured on Cartoon Hangover’s website. The show was hosted by Michael Biscontini, who interviewed artists about their craft, how they got into animation, and more. “Animation Alley” is no longer available as it has been replaced by other shows like “The Animation Show”, which doesn’t focus on animation at all, and “Animation Trends”, which focuses more on trends in the industry today than actual. The two biggest animated shows of all time were-

Animator Podcast Network – Hosted by the Animator Podcast Network, an organisation dedicated to helping animators build their careers. The podcast features interviews with industry professionals who share their insights and experiences on succeeding in the animation business.

Animation Career Podcast: Hosted by animation artist and author Brian Shirlaw, this is one of the most popular podcasts for animators and aspiring artists. It’s also one of my favourite podcasts for inspiration and motivation. 

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