How to Start a Podcast on YouTube and Grow Your Audience?

Podcasting has become a staple these days for creative content creators to the point that it seems like everyone has a podcast. But to think practically, podcasting is a cost-effective way to deliver content that gets to your audience in a more accessible way and also creates a thoughtful bond. 

As the saying goes that education multiplies on sharing, podcasts are the same way to widen not only the perspectives of your listeners and your audience but of your own thoughts and ideologies in a sensible way. Diving into your creative side brings out curiosity out of which comes a number of opportunities, that you wouldn’t even know unless you did not have the purpose to look into it.

Why begin podcasting with YouTube?

YouTube is one of the most significant places for audio content with flexible plans and a basic and straightforward approach. However, you must know for a fact that YouTube is a video search engine and not a podcast hosting platform. 

Creating content or podcasts on YouTube is effective if you want to build your own brand and the podcast you will upload would not be just the podcast with a catchy poster upfront and the voices playing behind that you might see on any other platform, but here it will be your YouTube channel where you talk to different people on camera.

If you want to create more video content other than podcasts then YouTube is the right place for you to start. However, if you are following the podcast game to break the records in the podcasting space then you might have to follow along with other podcast platforms such as Spotify, Google podcast, Apple podcast, etc.

With the availability of so many different platforms YouTube is one of the most popular yet common and a well-known site to start your very first podcast. Now when you have decided to start your podcast on YouTube you might want to know how to actually start.

Well, you have come to the right place as we will be covering all the basics of starting a podcast on YouTube right from this scratch. We will also be looking into some of the commonest FAQs that people ask, so stay with us till the end and clear every single doubt to begin with.

How to Start a Podcast on YouTube and Grow Your Audience?

A simple guide to begin your own podcast on YouTube

  1. Create a Setup

If you are a very beginner then below is a basic list of podcast equipment you will need to have in your set up.

  • A good microphone
  • A laptop or a computer
  • A reliable camera, webcam or a good phone camera
  • Sturdy headphones
  • Recording and editing softwares

The additional equipment you will require to adjust and organize the setup includes items like:

  • Tripod and a mic arm
  • Additional backup microphones and Camera batteries
  • A lighting kit
  • Audio mixer

You can search a number of different equipment and get your hands on the best one as per your needs and requirements.

  1. Record your first Podcast

Record your first podcast. However, it involves a number of things to begin with. You will be required to choose a well defined subject or topic for your podcast that you might want to speak on. When you are just a beginner it is always advisable to choose the topic or a niche that you know the best about.

Secondly, do the extensive research on the topic and find out if the topic you want to talk about is even something that people are curious to know? Always choose a topic that is trendy or that intrigues the crowd to know more about it. If you have set up your mind on podcasting make sure the subject you will talk about is worth your time because it is a complete waste of time to record a podcast that nobody will listen to.

Always work on a script before you start recording so that you have the idea of what you are going to talk about without lagging behind. Other than that shooting some extra b-rolls might also help you put together your podcast in an appealing way.

If you are recording an audio podcast then on uploading it on youtube you will need to convert the Mp3 into Mp4 as YouTube is a video search engine. This is the area for you to be creative. You can put a personalized graphic image on the background to make it look classy, you can also put your brand logo or you can choose relatable pictures and short clips and organize them in a slideshow to use with your audio recording.

One thing you might want to know is that, because youtube is a video search engine, only-audio podcasts do not garner much attention. Therefore it is advisable to create an ambiance and shoot yourself while talking to make deeper connections and understanding with your audience.

  1. Edit and Publish 

Once you have recorded your podcast it is the time to pull out your editing softwares and start the real hustle. Usually the podcasts recording are done in a single take candidly, and therefore they do not need editing. However, there are many more things like transcribing, adding graphics and other related data if required and breaking the content into smaller fractions for promoting it on other social media handles or even posting them as youtube shorts or stories. After all of this is done, your podcast is ready to publish in the market.

  1. Setting up media hosting and podcast feed is a must

If you already have your podcast up and running for quite a while now, you must have a media hosting and podcast feed set up, but in case you are a beginner this step is for you. Relying on Youtube solely is not a practical approach neither for the growth of your podcast nor for you to be economically dependent on it. 

You cannot depend on YouTube as your primary hosting provider because YouTube channels cannot gain you results of a conventional podcast platform. All the YouTube channels can help you monetize your content as your podcast reach grows. It is still a practical option to set up media hosting and feed before uploading videos to YouTube.

Websites such as Captivate, Podbean, Simplecast, and Buzzsprout are some of the websites that are repositories for your podcast audio files to let you create your own podcast feed.

  1. Promotes your content with Micro-content

If you are an active part of this digital era and are aware of the Strategies and algorithms used by YouTube to promote the content that may interest you, then you might have noticed that your story section on YouTube is filled with the number of short clips of the channels that you do not even watch. 

This is a simple micro-content method of the creators that helps them promote their content through short and easily-digestible videos by using SEO techniques. You can also post these short videos on clips on your other social media handles to reach a greater audience.

Micro-content strategy can also help you get sponsorships, subscriptions, paid contents, and more that will monetize your channel faster.

How Can You Leverage YouTube Podcasts?

The only way to leverage your YouTube podcast is by optimizing your channel, uploading video contents regularly, promoting your brand, and interacting with the audience on different social media handles. Other than that, the micro-content strategy and promoting short clips on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more can make a wider audience learn about your field and get curious to know more.

Does YouTube offer podcasters money to create videos?

Depending upon your popularity and monthly listeners the amount of money you make varies. However, to answer these questions simply, YouTube offers up to $300,000 to the podcasters to make videos on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to start a live podcast on youtube?

Ans: To start a live podcast on YouTube all you need to have is a YouTube channel where you will find an option to stream live and that you go.

Q2. How to start a podcast youtube channel?

Ans: First, you need to make your Youtube channel, arrange all the required equipment, be clear about the subjects and topics you want to talk about, record it and publish it.

Q3. How to watch podcasts on youtube?

Ans: Open the application on your mobile phones, computers or laptops, type the podcast you want to watch on the search engine and enter it. You will get a list of episodes of your favorite podcast, pick one up and start watching.

Q4. Did you know that it’s possible to start your podcast channel on YouTube?

Ans: Ever since the youtube launched, it has been mostly used by the video content creators. But with the rise in the market of podcasters it has proved to be a great platform that allows not only the podcast creators to convey their messages more expressively but also for the audience to connect with them on a deeper level.

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