How to Start a True Crime Podcast?

The creation of a podcast takes commitment, regardless of the genre you choose to go with. Along with the hosts’ charisma and speaking abilities, research is the most crucial component of any true crime show. To get started on a true crime podcast, decide if it will be comedic or if it will focus on a certain facet of crime, and then go from there. Finally, a terrific sounding and intriguing true crime podcast requires equipment, software, and writing.

What Is a True Crime Podcast?

Podcasts devoted to true crime cover a wide range of topics.

True crime podcasts can vary widely in terms of plot structure and episode length. Some programs focus on a single topic throughout the course of multiple shows, while others switch themes with each broadcast.

These podcasts may be released once per week, many times per week, or just for a set amount of time.

Once you learn the basics of using a podcast player, you can enjoy this format of media whenever it suits you.

What Is Included In a True Crime Podcast?

There is a little variation among true crime podcasts. However, they also do have certain things in common.

Research and context: True crime podcasts rely heavily on thorough research and contextualization. They reveal the victim’s identity, the scene of the crime, and more. The depth of detail presented in each episode varies widely.

Storytelling: The podcast focuses primarily on narrative presentation. Some podcasters use a more conversational tone while narrating their stories. Some people choose a more scripted, formal approach.

Honoring of victims: The greatest podcasts in this category try to do something to pay tribute to the victims. Some avoid graphic descriptions, while others make it their mission to familiarize themselves with the victim rather than the offender. Additionally, some podcasts contribute to victim aid programs or aid in the investigation of crimes.

Good audio quality:You can listen to podcasts just about everywhere today. As a result, podcasters should give some consideration to the podcast’s audio quality in light of the fact that their audience may be located anywhere in the world. Sound quality can be affected by factors such as the microphone used, the recording environment, and the mixing.

Podcasts for Beginners Focusing on True Crime

If you’re just getting started with true crime podcasts, you might as well listen to everything out there.

This strategy can work, but there are also podcasts you should listen to first.

Murder is still a common topic of discussion in these podcasts.

But they typically have a comical bent or are arranged in a way that makes for pleasant listening.

1. Wine and Crime

Three lifelong friends host the popular podcast Wine and Crime.

Each week’s episode pairs a different wine with the show’s theme, which might be anything from family secrets to engineering to flowery slayings.

Aside from murder, this episode delves into various other forms of criminality.

The podcast has gained a dedicated following, and each episode currently averages about 130,000 listens.

2. Crime Junkies

The popular weekly podcast Crime Junkies delves at a wide range of criminal topics, from murder and conspiracies to cold cases.

They also have a podcast network with several other programs, including this one.

There are over 7 million people who tune in to the podcast network every week.

3. You Must Remember Manson

Bear in Mind Manson is an episode collection from the You Must Remember This Podcast, which focuses on various aspects of classic Hollywood.

The host of this series analyzes Charles Manson’s murderous cult.

The research and thoughtful analysis that went into this episode contributed to its success.

4. The Dream

The Dream is mostly concerned with investigating fraudulent activities of MLMs (MLM).

Investigations into the background of multi-level marketing companies and interviews with victims are shown.

The media’s growing fascination with multi-level marketing (MLM) is helping this program gain listeners.

5. Scam Goddess

The podcast Scam Goddess takes a humorous look at many types of fraud.

If you’re looking for a less serious true crime podcast, this is the one for you.

The pod features a host and guest talking about various frauds both past and present.

Podcasts Covering Actual Murder Cases

There are numerous true crime podcasts available, but many more that focus specifically on murder.

While some of these podcasts do branch out into other subjects, murder is typically the primary focus.

6. My Favorite Murder

Among true crime podcasts, “My Favorite Murder” is a top pick for many listeners.

The hosts will discuss a few cases each episode. Listeners appreciate the podcast’s laid-back vibe and the sense of camaraderie fostered by the hosts.

7. Small Town Murder

Each episode of Small Community Murder features two hosts analyzing a new murder that occurred in a small town.

Each episode begins with data about the town at large, then moves on to a homicide that occurred there.

8. The Murder Diaries

A podcast called The Murder Diaries offers genuine crime tales with an emphasis on the victims.

The podcast’s popularity stems from the natural way in which it presents stories to its audience.

9. And That’s Why We Drink

While murder is the primary topic, other types of crime are discussed in And That’s Why We Drink.

You may try this podcast alternatively, which centers around a small group of hosts discussing true crime stories.

10. The Last Podcast on the Left

Despite its name, The Last Program on the Left is not a murder-centric podcast.

From ancient history to mysterious disappearances, it explores it all.

It’s a very popular show on a massive podcasting network and has a dedicated following.

Podcasts devoted to a single case of true crime

Some podcasts examine a new case every week, while others devote multiple episodes to investigating a single topic.

A few of these podcasts, for example, devote each season to a specific case.

11. Serial

The true-crime podcast obsession may perhaps be traced back to Serial.

The first episode of the podcast discussed the Hae Min Lee murder trial and the subsequent conviction of Adnan Syed.

12. Dr. Death

Dr. Death is a podcast that tells Christopher Duntsch’s life story.

After being responsible for the harm or death of over 30 people, he was finally found guilty of medical malpractice.

13. Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo

The podcast Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo investigates the disappearance and murder of Cleo, a young Cree girl.

CBC/Radio-Canada is the source for this podcast.

14. The Teacher’s Pet

Australian podcast The Teacher’s Pet investigates Lynette Dawson’s disappearance.

Towards the end of the first season, clues emerged pointing to Lyn’s husband as the killer.

After the husband’s trial and conviction, a second podcast, The Teacher’s Trial, was released.

15. Murdaugh Murders

The crimes committed by the Murdaugh family over a century are examined in Murdaugh Murders. These crimes include murder, fraud, and others.


What is the number one true crime podcast?

The number one true crime podcast has to go to crime junkie. The hosts, Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat love genuine crime (hence the name). Each week, they aggregate the most horrifying killings, disappearances, and serial killers. Crime Junkie’s stories date back to the 1940s and include contemporary convictions like Gabby Petito.

What was the first true crime podcast?

Serial might just be the first true crime podcast. Serial’s 2014 premiere spawned a genre of true-crime podcasts and a new audience. It was the first podcast of its sort to become popular, setting new download records. Ira Glass had to clarify on This American Life in 2014 that Serial episodes would be available on laptops and ipads.

What makes a good true crime podcast?

Good true crime podcasts require investigation and storytelling. True crime podcasts should be able to delve well inside the brains of killers, conmen, and thieves.

How much do true crime podcasts make?

The most popular and successful true crime podcasts generate enormous viewership and advertising revenue. The creators of the My Favorite Murder podcast made $15,000,000 in 2019.

Most successful true-crime podcast?

The hosts of True Crime Obsessed, Patrick Hinds and Gillian Pensavalle, are among the highest-paid podcasters in 2022. With so many true crime podcasts out there, it takes a specific combination of host charisma and compelling content to make the top charts.

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