Joe rogan Best podcasts

One guy stands out above the rest regarding podcasting in terms of listeners, profitability, and impact: Joe Rogan. His Joe Rogan Experience is a program where comedians and UFC color commentator Joe Rogan can converse with a guest regarding life.

JRE #974: Megan Phelps Roper is a social networking activist and former Westboro Baptist Church participant. She & Rogan talk about the conflict and hostility that can arise in politics and faith and how those aspects are frequently connected.

JRE #1368: It was a big shock when Edward Snowden appeared on the JRE program in 2019. Nobody anticipated that the show would feature a whistleblower of this stature. However, it took a lot of work to stop the episode since the three-hour debate covered various topics, including how devices watch your every step, Snowden’s life in isolation, his outspoken critic of Putin somewhere at that time, and much more.

JRE #1169: For admirers of the entrepreneur, hearing Elon Musk discuss his different business endeavors is an absolute delight. Elon discusses Tesla, Neuralink, ai, and other topics on the podcast.

JRE #1330: Bernie Sanders has appeared in just one session of the JRE program thus far, but it’s unquestionably one of the greatest. When Sanders started running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2019, that show aired. This podcast is still worthwhile to watch even after he dropped out of the race for Joe Biden.

JRE #737: Lance Armstrong speaks with Rogan about his cycling successes and the controversies surrounding his use of performance-enhancing medications. Instead of criticizing Armstrong for his blunders, Rogan does a great job of interviewing him and starting a dialogue.

JRE #919: Neil deGrasse Tyson does have a long list of accomplishments to his credit. He is now an astrophysicist, professional author, and a well-known person in the scientific community. He is a pleasure to hear from and covers a lot of significant subjects that many of us would find too complex to understand. He gives straightforward explanations, and Rogan consistently appears to pose the ideal inquiries to advance the discussion.

JRE #901: Joe and Dr. Patrick talk about depression for most of the three hours of this podcast. More precisely, what happens within a depressed person’s brain, how effective SSRIs are, and what all-natural methods people may use to rewire their brains for greater pleasure and success.

JRE #804: Sam Harriss is a well-known author, neuroscientist, thinker, & podcast host. The program’s main point is how Harriss suggests using sound reasoning, ordinary common sense, and scientific methods to tackle some of the problems plaguing society.

JRE #1425: The Reisman episode is an interesting one. He spoke about looking for marine life at the water’s bottom for two weeks. He also spent a significant portion of this episode addressing Rogan’s queries, which interested him.

JRE #938: Theoretical physicist & cosmologist Krauss, a prominent Yale professor, was a guest on Rogan’s show in episode #938. Krauss has worked to break down religion’s obstacles in science as an atheist.

What is the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast? 

Politicians, economists, psychologists, scientists, and even ufologists are among his speakers  Elon Musk, Sen. Bernie Sanders, plus whistleblower Edward Snowden are among the notable guests on the program.

The Joe Rogan Experience introduces its viewers to a wide range of various concepts and modes of thought. Rogan is renowned for his direct and outspoken demeanor, attracting a large following of like-minded followers and prodding guests to speak up on topics they may not have anticipated. 

The Joe Rogan Experience, which straddles conventional and unconventional media while indulging in some disputed viewpoints, has become highly popular and a cultural staple.

Joe rogan Best podcasts

What is Joe Rogan’s funniest podcast? 

One of the funniest JRE episodes ever is #1376. Due to two factors—his stories are utter mayhem and hilarious—Lange becomes a particular favorite storyteller.

One more is with One of the greatest entertainers of all ages, Jim Gaffigan. While other comics rely on using foul language and swear words, Gaffigan sticks to family comedy and can still connect with any crowd. In addition, he likes to make jokes about food, generally making fun of his poor eating habits.

What is Joe Rogan’s net worth? 

Joe Rogan posted his first clip of the Joe Rogan Experience online on December 24th, 2009. About 100 people were viewing the live webcast he and a few others were doing. He got an official multi-year contract with Spotify Eleven years later. Today, Joe Rogan’s total income is said to be within $100 million.

How much does Joe Rogan make per every podcast he produces? 

It’s estimated that Joe Rogan makes $100,000 in every podcast installment. The Joe Rogan Experience solo brought in $10–12 million for Joe Rogan in 2020. In addition, he makes a sizable portion of his revenue via sponsorships and products.

Who is Joe Rogan’s favorite guest?

Duncan is a podcast host and comedian. He strongly desires to learn more about awareness and the purpose of existence. As a result, each episode he appears in is a must-watch. For this reason, we openly asserted piece Duncan Trussell is, without a doubt, Joe Rogan’s best-recurring speaker ever.

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