Podcast Studio Setup

Your base of operations is the podcast station. That’s where our episodes spring to life and emerge from the notebooks; our material manifests and travels around the universe. Therefore, if your program is something you take seriously, you need a good podcast recording setup.

Why is having a high-quality recording studio essential? Because the profitability of any presentation depends on your ability to perform well. People need to devote their attention to programs that have good audio. And the audio will sound bad if your facility is terrible.

A quality podcast studio setting is crucial, but we advise you to establish one before you have the resources. It is preferable to begin recording episodes as soon as possible. Your fandom will begin to expand the sooner you figure out what constitutes a fantastic episode.

How to Easily Build a Podcast Studio

You must decide which area of your residence you’ll turn into your house record shop before purchasing all the podcast gear you require. Nevertheless, if you have one extra space, choose that one; it will work out well. Yet, a tiny area with little exposure to outside noise would make for the perfect home recording studio if given the option.

The perfect setup for a home podcast room:

  • Won’t share a wall or an exterior with your neighbor’s home.
  • It will have few windows at all.
  • Won’t get equipment (such as a gas meter or furnace) that could occasionally generate unpleasant noises.
  • Will have cozy furniture and carpeted flooring.
Podcast studio setup

How to Convert a Room Into a Home Podcast Studio Setup?

Fundamentals of Podcast Studio Setup –

This is an excellent idea to ensure you comprehend the fundamentals of how a podcast operates to assist you in setting up your personal podcast studio. Not to worry! Since it’s so easy, we’ll keep this part short and straightforward.

  • Concept & Design: You develop a concept for your show, draft a short screenplay, and ask some guests.
  • Documenting: Your episode is captured in your studio. Make as many attempts as necessary.
  • Editing: You modify the episode to give it the finest possible audio quality.
  • You will submit your podcast to the hosting service of your choice.
  • Promote your show widely on the market.

Selecting the Proper Space

There may be a variety of rooms available to you within the typical home. If there is just one choice available, it is an easy one. Avoiding undesirable attributes is more important when selecting a room than selecting one with positive features. The usual general rule is that the larger the place, the more remarkable; therefore, certain things should be avoided.


We occasionally lose sight of the amount of noise we are constantly exposed to, but when a microphone picks it up, it may sometimes sound a hundred times louder. Cars, neighbors, plumbing, birdsong, insects, wind, rainfall, and even bedroom air conditioners are some causes to be on the lookout for and to minimize.

Bring the gear you use to record podcasts.

Of course, high-quality stereo mics are one requirement for a good music studio. On the other hand, the cost of podcast recording devices is high. So both yes and no are the answers. It is totally up to you.

How do I set up a professional podcast studio?

There are several things to consider while setting up your recording studio:

First, make use of a good microphone. See several posts right here for suggestions.

  • Use an application like Cleanfeed to capture audio with numerous individuals to get a clearer sound.
  • For better clarity, record straight into editing tools like Audacity and Garageband.
  • Disable any external sounds you can command over, like your ice maker and air conditioning system.
  • Please make an effort to note when neighbors won’t be cutting their grass.
  • Utilize noise-canceling tools, including microphone isolation screens, soundproof tiles, slats, and boards.
  • Avoid recording close to glass surfaces like frames or mirrors.
  • For a better sound, add a pop filter and a boom arm.

The Ideal Podcast Studio Equipment List. 

  • A relaxing desk plus chair

For understandable reasons, purchasing a top-notch desk and chair might be crucial while producing a podcast. Better than anything, convenience is essential. We suggest selecting a table with enough depth for all your gear and a height-adjustable seat with a supporting back.

  • A laptop or computer

Even though this one is clear, we’ll still discuss it. A good PC or laptop is essential for just about any podcasting studio. It is where you will save all of your media and recordings as well as where you will customize them. Of course, it could be better, but it must be dependable, quick in operation, and have enough memory.

  • Headphones

When recording, it’s best to use headsets in the studio. They work just as well for audio modification. You may go for anything as essential as a set of earphones, but over the long run, it’s wise to spend the money on a good set of over-ear headphones.

  • Audio interface

When you’re using the XLR microphone, you might require a sound interface to link your mic to the laptop. In addition, if you frequently record with visitors or a co-host, you’ll like an interface including at least two inputs to have the choice of utilizing it to connect more than just a microphone. Focusrite and Universal Audio produce excellent audio interfaces.

  • Mixer

A competent mixer will enhance the sound quality of your program and is excellent for co-hosting and interviewing podcasts since it supports multi-channel production.

  • Pop filter

This item is required to soften the voice’s plosives (Ps, Ts, etc.). Pop filters are one cheap and effective way to improve audio quality.

  • A USB / XLR microphone

Your microphones significantly impact your sound quality. You only need to invest a little time in post-production when you have a good condenser mic.

  • Cables 

When using an XLR microphone, XLR cables are required. Experts advise purchasing wires with a lifetime guarantee.

Podcast studio setup

What is Joe Rogan’s Podcast Studio Setup?

With over 11 million subscribers for each episode, Joe Rogan’s show is among the most popular podcasts worldwide. Although those figures are staggering, they inspire millions of aspiring podcasters hoping to achieve even a tiny percentage of the same accomplishment. 

Having top-notch sound equipment helps, even though producing a pleasant podcast ultimately comes down to giving your listeners the best material possible. As a result, there are many attempts to replicate Joe Rogan’s podcasting setup, consisting of headphones, mics, laptops, a digital sound recorder, a headset amplifier, and more.

Look out for the podcast material Joe Rogan utilizes for his production setup and determine whether you can get a piece of that equipment if you’re prepared to take your show to a higher level. Professional, closed, robust Rogan Sennheiser HD 280 PRO headphones are made for expert monitoring. They are ideally suited for work in busy areas since they can suppress outside sound by much to 32 dB. 

Rogan selected the analog mixer with plugins and a USB connection from Behringer called Xenyx X1222USB. This mixer contains six balanced single microphone connectors, a three-band equalizer, and a compressor upon every microphone channel. Fantastic for outdoor and indoor work.

Rogan has extra microphone stands (and hands), the iMac with incredible professional video and sound editing tools, lighting, seats, etc. This entire collection will pay back a few hundred thousand dollars once everything is combined. Both cheaper and more costly options are available.

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