Why Do Podcasts Stop Playing On iPhones & iPads?

When you are aware of the issue’s root source, uninterrupted podcast playback is simple to achieve. Users occasionally suffer interruptions in the playback of their preferred podcasts for the following three categories of reasons:

  • Device problems
  • A problem with the app
  • Poor internet connection

Downloading your podcasts for offline use is one way to make sure they keep playing. The most frequent cause of podcast app pauses is a lost or interrupted internet connection. Ensure that your connection is strong. Additionally, it can halt if another app starts to play a sound or if you unintentionally dial down the level on your headphones.

You may become irritated if your podcast pauses in the middle of a compelling tale, an educational program, a relaxing meditation, or a funny comedy.

What are some of the typical reasons that your iPhone stops playing music?

  • Your phone most likely lost its wifi connection or cellular signal, which prevents it from streaming the music you are now listening to.
  • A podcast may have been downloaded by you, but a faulty download prevented the complete file from being downloaded.
Why Do Podcasts Stop Playing On iPhones & iPads?

Podcast App Keep Crashing on iPhone? (Fixes)

There have been numerous reports of the podcast app crashing iOS 16/15/14/13.7/13.6/13.5. In general, people were eager to adopt the most recent releases of iOS 16/15/14/13 in the hopes that they would fix all the problems. Sadly, no, it hasn’t! Users are upset by the podcast app crash in addition to other problems. However, Apple has made official fixes available.

There are 5 recognized solutions to the 2022 Apple podcast app crash. These techniques have shown to be quite successful. Therefore, we have listed the pertinent information below. Look at this.

1. End the podcast app forcibly

2. Force Your Device to Restart

3. Download the newest version of the podcast app.

4. Reinstall the podcast application

5. Speak with Apple Support.

Why Do Podcasts Stop Playing On iPhones & iPads?

How do I keep Podcasts from going to sleep on iPhones?

Your iPhone’s screen suddenly switches off while you are halfway through an article. You reopen the article in frustration just to have the screen go dark once more. To prevent your iPhone from going to sleep, you shouldn’t need to keep touching the screen. Fortunately, you only need a few taps to stop or delay your iPhone from doing that.

The issue has an easy fix. Open the Settings app, select “Display & Brightness,” then select “Auto-Lock,” as necessary. Seven alternatives are available for you to select from here. How long iOS will wait for activity before putting your iPhone to sleep is represented by six of these choices. They range from 30 to 5 minutes, or from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 or 5 minutes. iOS will be instructed by “Never” to never put your iPhone to sleep.

You might not be aware of how unpleasant this problem can be unless you have a device similar to the iPhone X. iPhones with Face ID continuously check for your attention, whereas all iPhones will automatically go to sleep after a set amount of inactivity. It will consider each time you are looking at your device to be activity. Even if you’re staring at your iPhone for a while, it will eventually start to sleep because Touch ID (the home button) is not a feature on iPhones.

General FAQ

1.Can iPhones download podcast episodes for offline listening?

You can’t always expect to be connected to the internet or to have a connection that is reliable and fast enough no matter where you reside. This is a problem if you leave your house and need to use a cellular network to listen to podcasts or if you go somewhere where there is no cell coverage. Your network’s signal strength will determine how frequently your internet speed varies or perhaps stops working altogether. Because of this, the streaming experience could not be satisfactory or might not even be feasible. In this situation, offline listening triumphs.

Using the built-in Podcasts app on iOS devices, downloading the podcasts you’ve subscribed to or added to your collection is a reasonably easy and simple process.

  • Open the “Podcasts” app that comes pre-installed on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the podcast you want to listen to in the “Browse” section.
  • This will direct you to the podcast’s list of available episodes. Although you have the opportunity to subscribe to the podcast right here, we aren’t currently interested in that. Each episode has a “+” icon right next to it that you can tap to add to your library.
  • You can now see the download option after adding the episode to your collection. To begin downloading this, click on the brand-new “cloud” icon.

2.Why does my podcast keep pausing iphone?

The most frequent cause of podcast app pauses is a lost or interrupted internet connection. Ensure that your connection is strong. Additionally, it can halt if another app starts to play a sound or if you unintentionally dial down the level on your headphones.

On the iPhone, having an app crash while it is being used can be very annoying, but while you are listening to a podcast, it can be a nightmare. Thankfully, if your podcast app keeps crashing, there are some excellent suggestions available.

  • Make sure you don’t completely fill the memory on your iPhone. For podcast apps to function without 
  • crashing, they require a lot of RAM.
  • Update the iOS on your phone.
  • If you are currently connected to a public network, switch to a private network.
  • Make sure you have enough battery. The low power mode setting on your iPhone may cause an app crash.
  • Make sure background app refresh is enabled in General Settings. While you are listening to your podcast, this enables apps to automatically refresh their material over wifi or a mobile network, preventing a crash.

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